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Sunday 6 April 2014

Snaffled Up

At the car-boot sale this morning, I found a nice boxwood foot rule I broke a few of these when I first started working, and moved onto plastic rules. So when I spotted this wooden rule I haggled a little and won, then I spotted a little leather case a leatherman original multitool.
 I'm no lover of gadgetry but this little robust tool is very well made and when its a bargain it has to be snaffled up!! I cleaned it with warm soapy water and it showed very little abuse so I was well chuffed with my find. Next a little time spent sharpening, and this is now an invaluable bit of kit .. ;)


  1. I have one of those original Leatherman. The hard part about those is that the edges of the handles are hard on your hand when you really need to grip something. The design has changed over the years due to that.

  2. I have an old rule like that which was my fathers, and maybe my grandfathers. I never use it, but I have it. I have one of the leathermen, too. I keep it in my truck as part of my emergency kit. I've used it many times. You did good!

  3. I love finding things like that at a car boot. That leatherman looks like a good tool.