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Saturday 28 June 2014

Sanding, Peeling, Hacking

I sanded some chair parts this morning.
Then I peeled these poles , they will become stool legs later this year..

And finally I started a little Birch kuksa cup, all axe work hacking out, until the shape was formed then a little tickle with the drawknife. Nowhere near done yet but you'll get the idea... :)

Sunday 22 June 2014

Happy Man

Well its been a busy day, I was up at 5.30 and away setting up my stall at the carboot sale (flea market) . As I had a little clear out up in the loft, So after I had done my selling and things got quiet I had a wander round the other stalls.
 And I'm glad I did , after I found these things, an old gouge ,a little Marples unbreakable handled chisel that looks pretty new, a cracking big drawknife which I've always wanted but never managed to find until now.
 And a little highly decorated Scandinavian knife, that I had spotted a few weeks back,  it was a little too much at the time. So today I made an offer of half the price of the previous visit , and at the end of the day I walked away a happy man. If any of you folks know about these kind of knives I would be interested to find out where it was made, I think the pattern on the blade is a name but I'm unsure...
Have a look at my finds... :)

Oh, yesterday I spent a while having a dry run with the chair here's a little peak ... ;)

Friday 20 June 2014

Great Day For Pictures

Its been a really hot week.
I finish work early on a Friday so I jumped on my bike and headed down to Hopetoun via Blackness and back along the canal. Along the way the outline of the rail bridge, road bridge and the new bridge that's will soon span the forth.
And some nice dog rose hanging thick with blooms.
 A few tiny wild strawberries growing in the joints of a old wall...
And a few views and some coo's that I passed along the way...

A great day for taking pictures... ;)

Sunday 15 June 2014

Needing More Hands

Back working on the chair again today for a while. I was fiddling about trying to hold the sides against the workbench so I could mark out the bracing that will hold the back rest. But this wasn't really working for me. As I never had enough hands,, so I came up with this little jig..

 Which gave me back my two hands which are very handy for marking out!!

And then I got to this stage with the backrest rails in place and the chair can now stand on its own four legs... ;)

Sunday 8 June 2014

Spoon Carving Decisions

I went out to do a little bit on the chair today, that I  started a few weeks back.. I have a few ideas for the back and the seat but couldn't decide so.. Out came the axe and spoon carving kit to give me a chance to make some decisions on the chair. So with some sycamore I set out chopping and carving away, until I had a couple of spoons, and firm idea to finish the chair... Here are the spoons..

And a little peek at what the back of the chair might look like... ;)