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Sunday 23 February 2014

Green Wood

I was given a few chunks of sycamore this week , nice fresh green wood so when I got time, I played out in the shed and carved a couple of spoons . I gave my carving gear a good hone and then got started I made a bigger ladle type spoon ..

And smaller eating spoon which I really like ,the green wood carved really well and I learned a few more skills . I did need a bandaid at one point so I do know I have sharp tools that's a skill !!!  :)

Sunday 16 February 2014

Pictures Will Do The Talking

I was in the shed for a while the other day , but I'll save that for another post . The sun came out this morning and looked like he would be hanging around for a while . So after breakfast and some chores I headed out for a walk along the river . I won't tell you what there was to see along the way the pictures will do the talking ;)

Sunday 9 February 2014

Random Bracing

Last weekend I prepped two stool tops mentioned in the previous post. Over the past few days legs and bracing were selected then the joints were made. The stool tops were bored out , the joints were then tested and glued up. Some random bracing was added to each stool to give a little more strength and another dimension to the rustic look  . These are a bit taller than my normal stool height , but I think they look just fine  at just over 2' or 60cm. Here are the beech topped stools with hazel legs and bracing, freshly waxed ;)

Saturday 1 February 2014

Special Water Stone

I headed out to the shed to shape up a couple of stool tops , but before I got started.
 I had to touch up my little drawknife and blockplane I used the fine side of an oil stone . Then my old Water Of Ayr Hone as pictured this is a prized part of my sharpening kit, as its made in Scotland. This was given to me by an old workmate who is a master of all things wooden ! Here are the wood ribbons after sharpening with the tools and the water stone, along with the stool tops ;)