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Sunday 30 March 2014

Tried Out

I started this project a few weeks back , and I got to try out my new plane mentioned in post a few weeks back , to tidy up some joints it works a treat . So that was a good little find ... Anyhow here is a nice chunky bench almost ready for a spot in the sunshine ... ;)

Sunday 23 March 2014

A nice Spring Day

 I headed out on my bike this morning on a long overdue ride out on a nice spring day which have been very scarce lately ...
Along quiet country roads very pleasant other than the cold east wind . I stopped for a while to watch some Jacobs Lambs enjoying the nice spring morning too ...

I finished of the mantle this week , all nicely finished and waxed up with a little antique wax to give a kind of aged look ...

And I started another little project .... ;)

Saturday 22 March 2014

93-Year-Old Homesteader Living It Up In The Wilderness

Very nice video , you Guy's might like this too , thanks to original uploader ;)

Sunday 16 March 2014

All In The Box

I was raking through a box at the car boot sale this morning and I found this...
A Paramo no 10  Planemaster rabbet plane , it looked pretty much complete so I haggled a little then snaffled it up quick .
 After lunch I went out to the shed for a closer look, a little box with 5 spare blades written on the side was hidden in the bottom under the instructions . I tipped this out and 4 fell out, not bad with one in the plane body I thought .
But one final shake and out popped another so 6 blades in total, along with fence attachments and the instructions it was really complete.
 Dunno how old this is but its very tidy looking I gave the metal a quick clean up, here's how she looks !!! ;) 

Sunday 9 March 2014

Passing time

I carved away at this big sycamore spoon this morning ...
And then I shaped up a little stool top to pass the time ...

Sunday 2 March 2014

A Legendary Mantle

I started a mantle for a friend , he wanted our local emblem which is a dog tied to a tree on an island , strange but true this is the Black Bitch which has been the emblem for Linlithgow for hundreds of years. The story is that the owner of the dog was sentenced to death by starvation he was chained to a tree on an island in Linlithgow Loch shadowed by Linlithgow Palace . His family made parcels of food and his dog would swim out to her old master with these . Until someone noticed the swimming dog . Then the poor old faithful dog was sentenced to the same fate . And chained to a tree on a neighbouring Island to starve. Thus the legend of the Black Bitch , take a look at this elm mantle that has been quite a challenge so far !! ;)

A Few Goodies

I headed to the carboot sale (flea market) this morning and picked up a few goodies. A scotch eye auger which just needs a little touch up, a marples mallet which I've been needing for a long time, and a little Stanley surform rasp all for two and a half quid ,or £ 2.50 for my overseas readers !