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Thursday 29 November 2012


Here are the pictures from last weekend now that I have more storage :)

Sunday 25 November 2012

No Pics

I spent a couple of hours today working on some chair parts no plans just winging it as usual. I cut out and planed the front and back legs, then started the seat part. I gave up after this, to fill a hole under my fence that caught my eye, where a neighbours dog has been trying to tunnel his way through. Anyway here are the chair parts, well apparently not ! I cannot upload them as I have used all my free storage well it will be a mystery, until I fathom out how to buy some space   :)

Saturday 17 November 2012

Horses And A Finished Box

Here are a couple of the hobby horses, and a the yew box with its wooden hinges, that were both in previous posts. Now they are finished and waxed up. The leather riens and brass tacks finish of the little horses.  While the Yew box is looks remarkable with all the variations in its grain, take a look :)

Plum Buck

After I spent some time clearing up leaves at the bottom of the garden , I decided that we should have a wild animal . Nothing ferocious but wild all the same so I came up with the plum buck a little stag made out of a small plum log along with hazel legs and birch antlers .  Here he is foraging in his natural environment :)

Sunday 11 November 2012

Yew Box

I started a little box this morning using some yew that was to thin for stool tops, but so nice that it had to be made into something. I tend to just sand Yew as the grain often changes and it tends to tear a bit, so after a spell of sanding.
 I cut my components then put the box together dry, after a little more sanding I glued and plugged it .
Now for some wooden hinges I cut out some tapering wedge shapes out of some of the yew offcuts, then marked the hinges for the moving parts cut this away then bored them for the pins . Here's where I got to:)

Sunday 4 November 2012

That Time Again

I spent a little time out in the shed cutting out and carving some detail for a few hobby horse heads then boring the holes for some different coloured wood plugs that I use for their eyes, I trimmed up some leather for making the reins .  I enjoy making these little guy's, here they are so far .

 I also planed and sanded some applewood, maple and beech these will be used for chopping boards . This used up a few bits and pieces that were in need of being something other than dusty old wood. These hobby horses and chopping boards will end up wrapped in christmas paper and left under a tree as christmas gifts :)

Winter Coat

 A nice crisp weekend, so I headed out for a while this afternoon , as the cold air was returning for the night. Lots of little things caught my eye , with all the leaves nearly off  the trees the countryside is changing into its winter coat, take a look and see them :)