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Saturday 25 August 2012

Chopping Boards And A Nearly Finished Chair

I was asked if I could make some chopping boards, for a late wedding present, yeah easy enough I thought. And could they have names and dates carved into them ,mmmm ok gulp. So after a trial  or two I came up with something that worked out.
And my recent chair has turned into a real labour of love with shapes that have been inspired by the harvest and the carving of leaves acorn and my little mouse. The previous chair progress, post did'nt do the mouse justice, just sanding, sanding and a bit more sanding then plugs more sanding and then some wax, here it is :)

Big Day For Matthew

On Tuesday this week Matthew started high school, after a few nervous moments he really enjoyed it and had a great first week :)

Sunday 19 August 2012

A Bit Of Culture

Yesterday my son Matthew and I headed off to Edinburgh for a bit of culture. We both enjoyed the street entertainers that come for the festival every summer. Matthew really really  liked it ! when I was chosen to assist with the Tom Show. It was a great day hanging out with my son and we found his dream place the Gamers Lounge. So here's a bit of ( Auld Reekie ) aka Edinburgh on a warm Saturday :)

Tuesday 14 August 2012

A Chair With some Carving

Here's  the start of a chair that Iv'e been working on back with oak again, I bought a few pieces of random width and length  . The seat part is shaped and oak leaves and a little acorn are carved near one of the edges. A flaw in the back rest made me decide to make a small hollow there,  I dabbled with a few ideas and reckoned that a mouse should be in the hollow. Here it is so far:)

Saturday 4 August 2012


The wet weather has been getting everyone down so after a nice family day out. I headed away for a cycle while the sun was still in the sky.

Through forest tracks taking in the scenery and admiring  the big piles of logs cut from the wind blown tree's of the january storms. One really caught my eye, a huge monster spruce butt! I parked my bike against it for scale. Further on away from the conifers I looked up through the beeches at the sun dappling the leaves wow! what a sight after days and days of rain. Then thistles bursting out with our purple flower of Scotland and finally the mute swan and signets feeding . A good end to a nice sunny day :)