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Sunday 30 June 2013

Bench And Boards

Well my new workshop is nearly complete, but it needed a bench so armed with some timber, a few bolts and a box of screws I made this.
 Sorry about the mess but I had to give it a trial, it works well for me, it's strong sturdy and after it was turned on its side and 2 inches cut from each leg.
 It is now the perfect height for me, and ready for many new projects.
 I made a few chopping boards to give it a try . Here is the bench along with some chopping boards:)


Saturday 22 June 2013

Flaming Plant Stands

I was asked a few weeks back to make a couple of plant stands.
 So over the past couple of days I got in the zone,,,,, each was to hold a potted plant .
 With some thin strips of curved timber, and four discs that I cut with a little taper to the sides, this  gave me a bit more curve on the column's. These discs hold everything together and when they were fixed  I achieved a flaming torch shape .
My original idea was to have 6 slats but it seemed a bit too busy, so I decided that four gave a better look .
 To hold these upright a heavy block was topped with a bit of lead to give even more stability and this would anchor the torches-column's, otherwise they could be a little top heavy with a potted plant . I tapped gently at the lead until it folded around the edges then teased the corners to make them look like leaves (Or pigs ears maybe)...
 A few drainage holes and I was done  :)

Tuesday 18 June 2013

Summer Colour

 I headed out on my bike this afternoon and I was rewarded with all these colours.
 In the woods yellow blossom cascading down the laburnum, creamy blossom foaming from the hawthorn and horse chestnut with its white blossom standing like candles.
 And through the meadow and along the river wild flowers glow in the undergrowth :)

Sunday 16 June 2013


I started to build a bigger workshop a few weeks back and I've been doing a little here and there to get it finished off.
Double doors let in loads of light ,and a little deck at the front gives me a place to sup my coffee , this used up the deck boards that I removed in a previous post called recycling.
 The roof is now covered and watertight, have a look :)

Sunday 9 June 2013

Way Out West

This morning I headed west along the union canal ,cycling with a cool wind on my back. I saw the usual barges ,boats and ducks . But these guys caught my eye some nice clean cattle resting beside the canal chewing the cud.

And  in a field of buttercups some painted horses grazed and groomed each other as I pedalled past  along the towpath . That was my journey way out west :)

Sunday 2 June 2013


I've outgrown my shed , I usually end up working in a little space on the bench, surrounded by a clutter of wood, tools and other things that I just like to have around .I always wanted something a little bigger .
So I took a couple of days holiday last week and tacked them on to the weekend. And where I stripped out the deck a few weeks back I started this :)