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Saturday 25 February 2012

The Great Escape

Mrs Brian had more renovation's for me this weekend ,a cupboard in our bedroom was a dumping ground. So some white boards and timber along with a clothes rail sorted that out, a few hours later and a bit more organised :)
Then I escaped to the shed, mortise's and tenon's the task of the day for the rails on the chair. so I set the layout sawed my tenon's and chopped out the mortise's this is better than sweating in a tight cupboard . But Mrs Brian is happy so that's good, anyway the chair is slowly coming together another few escapes down to the shed should see good progress :)

Saturday 18 February 2012

A Little Rustic

My nest building duties are all but done now, I got out to the shed for a wee while today. And glued up the leg and back rest frames for the chair mentioned a few posts back and worked a bit on some material for bracing. Here are the frames and myself with my rustic roller painting the staircase walls, this bit of peeled ash saved the day when I realized that my arms couldn't stretch out to 11' :)

Monday 6 February 2012

Door's Done

More decorating on the third room now ,got my five door's hung one popped right into the opening still in its wrapping. A few of the opening's were a bit squint but me and an old Stanley plane made good the difference. I had to do something to the glazed door I wonder if you can notice what. I think, Sawdust In My Sock's will be safe! but I try my best:)