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Sunday 12 September 2010

Millers Falls And St Magdalene

Here are my planes and spokeshaves when looked after you can make ribbons fly. In amongst them is an old treasure a, Millers Falls plane .
When I was young my Father worked in St Magdalene distillery .On occasion I would go in and see my Da, working the spirit safe and doing his stuff with the big copper stills.
I loved this place I can remember the sounds and scents of it all like it was yesterday.
In the distillery, there was an old carpenter called Neil Mccoll. even as a youngster , tools and workshops had my attention my father would take me in to see Neil when I was there .
Boy those days were good, its all gone now knocked down and Apartments built its place .Years later I was talking to a guy at work who told me he was married to Neil's granddaughter .
Small world, the next day he gave me an old Millers Falls plane which he was given but didn't use .
One that old Neil had used all those years ago in the distillery. I'm sure if he knew I was using it ,He'd be pleased :)Brian(: