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Sunday 24 February 2013

Something Big

I started on a waney edged counter top this weekend using three oak boards. I roughly edged these and laid them out to find the best orientation the edges will be sweetened up a little before joining them, one end has a bread board edge which will wrap around a corner a little, 3-4" or so.

The other end will have a more wavy organic shape , under this there will be a drawer and three shelves in the future . here's the start of the big oak top:)  

Friday 22 February 2013

A Few Views

The weather has been great with us this week, frosty nights are giving way to cold sunny days. And a little warmth from the sun if you're the right spot , so I took advantage of this and had an afternoon in the hills. I'm looking northeast through the trees into the valley below, as a carpet of fields roll out before me, take a look :)

   Moles appear to enjoy the sunshine too! :)

Saturday 16 February 2013

Ready For Treasures

On a previous post, I had started this little yew heirloom box. After a little more work on the hinges and lots of sanding, it is now finished .
 The grain is always remarkable with yew so its great for items like boxes. Here it is lightly waxed  and ready for some treasures:)

Saturday 9 February 2013

Craft Traditions Wood Part 3

I hope you enjoyed this these videos ,with crafts people love their work and want the skills to pass on for all to benefit from the pleasure timber can bring.
Thanks to original uploader :)

Craft Traditions Wood Part 2

Craft Traditions Wood Part 1

Here is part one of three videos focusing on Irish craftspeople

Well It Was Collecting Dust

A cold damp day today, so yes out to the shed for a while . Some yew that sits on a shelf and collects dust needs to be something, so I cut up a few bits to make into a little heirloom box type of thing, "you'll get the picture". I tried to match up the grain colours as the sides joined together as best I could, and picked out a nice waney edged piece for the top of course! I also made a start on the wooden hinges that will make this box something special :)

Sunday 3 February 2013

It Takes A While

Well it takes a while, but I get there in the end. After the initial idea then finding the material, things start to evolve.
Out in the shed at the weekend for few hours here, and an odd evening there , that's how my pastime works.
No point rushing with sharp tools, speed is not required, slow and steady wins the race. So with some ash poles that I peeled and left to dry out for over a year, and some seasoned cherry along with some ideas and a couple of cardboard templates. Then a little sawing, a lot of scooping out and loads of shaving's, then a bit of pondering a bit more scooping along with more shaving's.
 Boring some holes for the legs and back supports, cutting wedges and after endless sanding a little dry run a tweak and a little more spoke shave work . A little chin rubbing then its time for gluing up, solving any problems as they crop up, a final sand along with a few coats of wax and then we get to this :)