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Sunday 29 July 2012

Getting A Handle On Things

A package arrived the other day it was my twca cam that I had ordered. It comes staight from the forge no handle, so when I got time I scurried out to the shed with my new treasure to get the handle sorted out.

I used a nice clean piece of well seasoned hazel,after I pared off some rough bits and a sand with fine paper a hole was drilled into the hazel a little neater than the tang of the blade. I cut a little v notch so that the the tang would tighten up without breaking the handle. Then a couple of wedges with two part adhesive were tapped in tight and then trimmed off neatly to hold the twca cam firmly in the handle. This was well worth the money, and the time to cobble up a handle. So here's my new Nic Westerman twca cam with my own preferred handle. I can't wait to get scooping out some cups and bowls with this  :)

Sunday 22 July 2012

Spoon Hunting

Deep in the tree's and scrub these are hidden from normal sight, thorns or brambles may gaurd them but they are there . All we need to do is carefully look and we can find fallen branches or a tree that was brought down by storms.

 And there we have our  raw material for a spoon, bowl or whatever idea you want to try out, so get out and give it a go  :)

Monday 16 July 2012

Three Legged Stool With A Twist

I had some bits and pieces of wiggly hazel that were needing used up so  these, along with a disc of buckled cherry. Gave me the idea for a quirky three legged stool that really ends up as a four leg when the forked part's are counted   .  Have a look and see :)

Tuesday 10 July 2012

Birch Bird

More rain means more time in the shed no point in getting wet just for the sake of it. A friend gave me a lump of birch which I can make into many things ,the first was a quick spoon then a narrow bowl with a birds head and tail on the ends just a trial at the moment. It cut and carved quite easily if it dries without splitting I will get to finish it. And here's the little kuska cup now finished, that I made a few posts back at the time I thought it was lyme but I know think the timber is alder what do you think ? :)

Sunday 1 July 2012

A Window In The Weather

With terrible weather lately Iv'e been confined to barracks, so I made use of the foul weather and completed my maple chair. After the glue and plugs were set and many hours of sanding , then came the finishing . I used darker wax at first to give this blonde wood some charachter then a natural wax to finish it off, I also made a little stool . Using  field maple for the seat, this has some cool live edges just what I like, and some nice birch legs hold this little stool up .
 And the little birch burl bowl ( try saying that fast ! ) mentioned a few posts back. Was sanded and oiled up . And when the weather gave me a little window I took them outside for a few photo's  :)