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Wednesday 30 April 2014

Old Treasures

That's enough sight seeing and history lessons for a while... Anyway while I was over in Islay catching up with my cousins, I was given some really old tools that belonged to some of my family, this really meant a lot to me, I will restore the best of these . I'm already in love with an old coffin shaped wooden plane with a Robert Sorby iron it cuts like a dream!! Here's a peak at these old treasures ;)


  1. Wow, what a sweet collection of planes. Priceless really. Over here old ones like that sell for over a hundred dollars a piece.

  2. Woooaaauuu !!!! I'm soooooo jealous !!!!!
    I whish I had a cousin who make me a gift like that :))
    Can't whait to see what You make with them.
    Good job, my friend!

  3. The coffin-shaped plane is very nice. Tools from relatives are special. I smile when I use tools of my father and grandfather and uncles. Little by little some are outdated by new techniques and tools but I try to work them into the creative process for at least a touch.

  4. Those planes look amazing! I love the old wooden planes and if you can spend the time to tune them up they work really well.