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Sunday 27 April 2014

Lordship of the Isles

Finlaggan, on the Isle of Islay, Where the lords of the Isles held council the small island pictured is the council island where all the important stuff was decided I suppose.. Names such as Somerled, Angus Ogg and Brian Boru. Are just some of those who were connected to Finlaggan. The Lords of the Isles kept the Vikings from rampaging Islay back in the day.. My Aunt used to tell me stories of the Lordship as a boy. I hope you enjoy these pictures and the brief history lesson... ;)


  1. History there is very old. Very interesting.

  2. Yes George lots of history in the islands.. Folks from these islands on Scotlands west coast and Ireland would be some of the first settlers on your side of the world too... ;)

  3. Now Brian Boru is a name I am quite familiar with. We have a Pub here in Portland named for him. I used to live only 4 houses away during my misspent single years. Drank my sorrows away many a Friday and Saturday nigh there.

  4. I do have some Scottish and Irish ancestry. Red River settlers.