Sunday, 28 April 2013

A Spoon ,Some Sneaking And Spring Lambs

This weekend I made a big wooden spoon, paddle type of thing, this is used to stir up some huge pots. This replaces one that I made a few years back, that is now worn out.

I also headed out into the woods for a cycle and I spotted three Roe deer.They were out in the warm sun, feeding in a field that borders the wood. After ditching my bike and a bit of creeping and a lot of sneaking about, a little odd in my lycra bike gear! I got to a stump where I could see over the wall where I finally managed to get a few pics of these shy little deer before they spotted me and ran off .

 And on the way home I stopped to watch the spring lambs playing and enjoying a little warmth for a change. After a long spell of cold weather :)


  1. We still have too many white-tailed deer in our area, few sheep. There's no decent market for wool in this country and the coyotes and dog packs play hob with the sheep.

  2. These little Roe Deer are easily spooked they normally hide up through the day and feed at dawn and dusk so it is quite rare to see them during the day. But they live in and around towns as well as out in the countryside. Theres no real market for wool over here either they now use it for eco insulation at times , when the lambs are very small foxes and crows will take them but there are no bigger predators over here:)

  3. ah, a spoon for the crawfish boil.

  4. they have small deer in our area. they are called key deer as they live in the keys. ken