Saturday, 20 April 2013

Mental Map

Some good weather was with us at the end of the week so I headed off on my bike.
I headed towards South Queensferry and into some woods that I worked in many years ago. And while meandering around in a little nostalgic daydream, in the warm spring sunshine, I remembered a big old shaggy Larch tree with a good sweep in the trunk . Funny how these things stick in your mind !
Anyway I headed to where I thought it was,  wondering if the wind had put it to rest, while I pedaled up the hill to find it. And my old mental map and compass got me there. And was the tree still there ? See for yourself:)

 I'm glad he's still there, maybe I 'll come back in another 15 years or so and keep a check on him !! :)


  1. hi Brian. my old computer finally gave out so its been awhile.hope you all are doing well. that tree is interesting . dont think we have that type over here. does it possibly go by another name. ken k.

  2. Hi Ken I think it is a more northern tree. I think you have tamarack in the north which is a type of larch . Thanks for looking in :)