Saturday, 13 April 2013

Crumbling Walls

I got back on my bike for the first time this year and headed out along the union canal.  The ground is bone dry which is really unusual for this time of year, and there's not much growing no buds breaking the only lush growth was a carpet of wild garlic. I stopped and had a little look around what we call, Haining Castle. Which was built around 1400 as a watch tower, it lies ruined and now houses some jackdaws and pigeons but there will be a lot of history in those crumbling walls :)


  1. Old ruins are fascinating, yet I always feel like they should be refurbished if at all possible. I guess you can't preserve everything.

  2. Hi Gorges
    I think they will preserve it in the future.
    Buildings like this tend to be stabilised rather than refurbished over here. It sits on a site due for major development but because of the economy the work has stopped for the moment . When things get better, i'm sure they will put some money back into it :)

  3. really interesting. can imagine the history that took place there. that is something really unique about your area . we dont have anything like that over here. though there is an old spanish fort in st. augustine. and alot of history there as well. ken k.