Sunday, 21 April 2013

Number 71

I've been working on a hall stand over the past few weekends, I decided to use some cherry.  So after working out the shapes and sizes. I cut, planed, shaved and sanded each part until it popped, then I had to join the long legs into the base and top.
How would I do this I pondered! I could use a chisel to cut the rebates into each part. I marked out  where the legs should go, when I was happy with the look I took the plunge and and scribed in the lines with a marking knife. Then with chisel in hand I started to remove the waste material from in between the cut lines.
This was working out okay, the chisel was sharp but I had something else in mind. Hiding beneath the workbench in a box with a good film of dust, was an old plane that could maybe help me out. A record number 71 router plane! This little blue plane with a V shaped cutter blade that I selected from the three in the box would be ideal for the removal of waste, and by working the two rebates at the same time I could keep the depth in check to keep things  true and level.
So after setting it up and a trial run on some scrap, I got back into my project, and boy the 71 really surprised me. I used the marking knife after every few passes from the 71 to prevent tearing out at the edges, and it gave me some great tight joints . So no more hiding out the way in a dusty box for number 71 :)

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