Sunday, 30 October 2011

Board And Bowl

I smoothed a piece of cedar board today for future use with a favorite spokeshave, my old brass macrome that is a really treasured tool.
With of a thicker lump of the cedar, I attacked this with my little curved adze. And started a bowl once I got down to the depth I wanted ,I then tidied up the inside with a couple of spoon knives. It still needs to be finished off but here it is so far :)

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Whats A Young Turkey Called ?

I wandered around a little farm this afternoon the usual suspects were in the fields, but the birds were making lots of noise. A golden Rooster was crowing away to his hens. Winding up the Turkeys next door, I asked Matthew what a young turkey is called . He smiled and said a turkling, I laughed for ages. We got to see some younger Hens in a shed they will be let outside when they get a bit bigger. And a pure white dove hid up in the roof space I wondered if he knows what a turkling is :)

Sunday, 16 October 2011

The Scent Of Cedar

I've started to prepare a top for a kind of (bable) bench come table.
This timber is Cedar of Lebanon. I wish you could scratch your screen and catch the scent of spice, this aromatic timber gives off. Its not very forgiving it tends to tear where the grain swirls around but skewing the plane or spokeshave sorts this out . Here it is getting smoothed out a bit and a few tools that can help :)

Monday, 10 October 2011

Spalted Beech Chest And Jewellery Box

After a couple of months I finally finished the chest along with the jewellery box that side tracked me, Spalted Beech is beautiful stuff its ideal for these kind of projects. I'm pretty chuffed at how they both turned out here's the chest with its wooden strap hinges and waney front edges with the first coat of finish.
And the little chunky jewellery box with a more wedge shape style of hinge. The wooden hinges are great, they really work a treat. I still have two Beech boards left so I should manage at least one more with wooden hinges of course :)
Oh yes! Mrs Brian loves her new jewellery box so the hinges have passed her test:)

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Fruit, Wire And Water

Plump bright fruits adorn the the bushes and tree's high on the river bank, here are some Elder berries and Brambles that I passed on my travels .
Other things caught my eye when I was out along the river the other day . Like some line wire and barb that had seen better days, stapled to a couple of old rickety fence posts. And the same wires that were tacked into a tree. The sawyers scourge, metal in a tree, but if you can find it before the saw does it might have left some nice blue trails in the grain. I have cut many logs, that kind people have used to fix their fence wires into. Or maybe a sign with some nice big nails after a few years the sign fall's off and the nails are hidden by the bark ready and waiting for the sawyer who has just put on a nice sharp blade that's me !
And finally the autumn river catching the last of the sun ,along with the driftwood lodged into the roots of a riverbank Sycamore in recent storms all bleached and weathered waiting for the next flood water to send them further on their journey:)