Thursday, 6 October 2011

Fruit, Wire And Water

Plump bright fruits adorn the the bushes and tree's high on the river bank, here are some Elder berries and Brambles that I passed on my travels .
Other things caught my eye when I was out along the river the other day . Like some line wire and barb that had seen better days, stapled to a couple of old rickety fence posts. And the same wires that were tacked into a tree. The sawyers scourge, metal in a tree, but if you can find it before the saw does it might have left some nice blue trails in the grain. I have cut many logs, that kind people have used to fix their fence wires into. Or maybe a sign with some nice big nails after a few years the sign fall's off and the nails are hidden by the bark ready and waiting for the sawyer who has just put on a nice sharp blade that's me !
And finally the autumn river catching the last of the sun ,along with the driftwood lodged into the roots of a riverbank Sycamore in recent storms all bleached and weathered waiting for the next flood water to send them further on their journey:)

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