Sunday, 23 October 2011

Whats A Young Turkey Called ?

I wandered around a little farm this afternoon the usual suspects were in the fields, but the birds were making lots of noise. A golden Rooster was crowing away to his hens. Winding up the Turkeys next door, I asked Matthew what a young turkey is called . He smiled and said a turkling, I laughed for ages. We got to see some younger Hens in a shed they will be let outside when they get a bit bigger. And a pure white dove hid up in the roof space I wondered if he knows what a turkling is :)


  1. I suspect you know, but I believe the word is "poult." Our young male wild turkeys here are called "jakes," but I don't know if that word is ever applied to domestic varieties.

  2. Hi Gorges we call them poults too. But I prefered Matthew's turkling :)