Monday, 10 October 2011

Spalted Beech Chest And Jewellery Box

After a couple of months I finally finished the chest along with the jewellery box that side tracked me, Spalted Beech is beautiful stuff its ideal for these kind of projects. I'm pretty chuffed at how they both turned out here's the chest with its wooden strap hinges and waney front edges with the first coat of finish.
And the little chunky jewellery box with a more wedge shape style of hinge. The wooden hinges are great, they really work a treat. I still have two Beech boards left so I should manage at least one more with wooden hinges of course :)
Oh yes! Mrs Brian loves her new jewellery box so the hinges have passed her test:)


  1. I love the boxes. Those hinges are great and set off the beautiful colour of the wood on the rest of the chest.
    Really superb - I'm looking forward to your next project!

  2. Thanks Alviti,thankyou Gorges .