Sunday, 26 May 2013

Dawn Chorus

I headed out on my bike this morning for a ride around some woods. With the birds singing the dawn chorus in the trees around me, it was very pleasant . The woods have really came to life over the past few week's heavy foliage on the tree's and the ground covered with a nice carpet of thick grasses, ferns and wildflowers so there's lots to see. And as I headed home I stopped to take a picture of a plump red rooster that caught my eye, who needed a rest after crowing in the morning . Have a look :)

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Little Birch Spoon

Yesterday it never stopped raining today it was drizzle, so no cycling .
But there's always the shed, it can keep me away from the tv and the biscuit tin. So I headed out for a while. I tidied up a bit, then decided that carving a little spoon would be ideal to pass some time on a miserable day.
 I rooted around and found a piece of birch, it was far from being greenwood but it was still good for a spoon. With saw, axe, carving and spoon knives in hand I hacked out this little spoon, and enjoyed an hour or so carving away until I had a spoon, have a look :)

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Spring Stools

With a few days sunshine its starting to look like spring is finally here .

With some blossom out, and the undergrowth coming to life its good to get outside to take this all in.

 After the little look at the world outside, I got back into the shed and made a couple of little stools . Using hazel for legs and ash for the tops, the ash has the bark still on. I've found if the bark is left on it dries out and really adhere's to the timber as it seasons. This adds something to the rustic look of these little stools . Take a look and see :)

Sunday, 5 May 2013


This weekend I started stripping down the deck. I salvaged all the boards as I have a plan for these, and also the underside of the boards are in great condition .
The framework is getting recycled a little, I added a bit to this to get the size that I needed. The frame was levelled then packed up until completely solid . Over the next month or so this project will take shape.
I have also been shaping up a little chunky shelf for a window sill, with lots of spokeshave work to tidy up a big internal curve. Here it is along with all the spokeshaves that I used :)