Sunday, 26 May 2013

Dawn Chorus

I headed out on my bike this morning for a ride around some woods. With the birds singing the dawn chorus in the trees around me, it was very pleasant . The woods have really came to life over the past few week's heavy foliage on the tree's and the ground covered with a nice carpet of thick grasses, ferns and wildflowers so there's lots to see. And as I headed home I stopped to take a picture of a plump red rooster that caught my eye, who needed a rest after crowing in the morning . Have a look :)


  1. Guess all that mouthing off is hard work for the poor rooster!

  2. Thats the type of bird we hear in the morning! We've got two and they like to have a competition to see who's the loudest!

  3. looks like it was a great day for a ride. beautiful countryside you have out there. here's an interesting vid. from your neck of the woods. quite facinating. hope everything is going well. ken k.