Sunday, 2 June 2013


I've outgrown my shed , I usually end up working in a little space on the bench, surrounded by a clutter of wood, tools and other things that I just like to have around .I always wanted something a little bigger .
So I took a couple of days holiday last week and tacked them on to the weekend. And where I stripped out the deck a few weeks back I started this :)


  1. I could always do with more space! I want to build a shed bigger than the house though!

  2. I hope you don't mind me replying here. I stumbled on your site and wanted to share where I found woodwork plans that have satisfied me for the foreseeable future.
    Here is the link
    I've read hundreds of books and bought loads of online woodworking blueprints. In my opinion this is the only batch of woodworking plans you will ever need. I built my shed from these plans which is what prompted this post.

    It has got lots of different ideas and inspiration. Plans are detailed and the instructions are in-depth.
    If you are a total novice like I was the plans are so easy to follow...anyway, I thought I would share as I am delighted with my new found hobby.

    Great informative site by the way...thanks