Saturday, 22 June 2013

Flaming Plant Stands

I was asked a few weeks back to make a couple of plant stands.
 So over the past couple of days I got in the zone,,,,, each was to hold a potted plant .
 With some thin strips of curved timber, and four discs that I cut with a little taper to the sides, this  gave me a bit more curve on the column's. These discs hold everything together and when they were fixed  I achieved a flaming torch shape .
My original idea was to have 6 slats but it seemed a bit too busy, so I decided that four gave a better look .
 To hold these upright a heavy block was topped with a bit of lead to give even more stability and this would anchor the torches-column's, otherwise they could be a little top heavy with a potted plant . I tapped gently at the lead until it folded around the edges then teased the corners to make them look like leaves (Or pigs ears maybe)...
 A few drainage holes and I was done  :)