Sunday, 30 June 2013

Bench And Boards

Well my new workshop is nearly complete, but it needed a bench so armed with some timber, a few bolts and a box of screws I made this.
 Sorry about the mess but I had to give it a trial, it works well for me, it's strong sturdy and after it was turned on its side and 2 inches cut from each leg.
 It is now the perfect height for me, and ready for many new projects.
 I made a few chopping boards to give it a try . Here is the bench along with some chopping boards:)



  1. looks great.nice that its not just generic plywood but has charecter. hope all is well ken k.

  2. Thanks Gorges.
    Thanks Ken yes all is ok, we have some really warm weather at the moment. Hope things are ok with you guy's :)