Saturday, 31 August 2013

Powered Up And Planing

I've got my new shed powered up now . So now I have a few double sockets, lights and a nice fused switch to keep things safe if something went bang .

I have loads of room  now compared to my old shed so now I can make some bigger items in here now, instead of outside trying to dodge showers and bad weather . So I took advantage for a while this afternoon when I planed some timbers for a chunky garden bench that will be wedding gift when it's finished  with my old Millers Falls hand plane which was throwing out some lovely wooden ribbons take a look :)

Sunday, 25 August 2013


An old work mate built a nice house for his retirement. And he asked if I would make him a sign .
So I raked through my dusty pile of odds and ends and found this board with some nice character.
After some tidying up with a drawknife spokeshave and a little sanding I laid out a few lines and drew on the name of his house.
Over the next few weeks I will get this carved out , keep looking in to see this finished :)

Sunday, 18 August 2013


 Stone walls covered in a thick green moss caught my eye while I was speeding along tree lined trails. The endless shades of green looking out into the woods were changing all the time, made me stop for a while  on my last outing . There was weatherworn deadwood with its own green hue, which will be absorbed a bit more into the ground with each passing season . There's always something to make me pause for a spell , its more than just a colour , take a look :)

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Shimmering water

I took advantage of the good weather and headed down to the river and took a fly rod along for the walk. As a couple of day's earlier I saw many rises. I spent the evening flicking my line out into the shimmering water. No big fish to tell any tales about just me and my thoughts on a warm summer night. I had no takers but others I spoke to had the same luck, a very low water level with the warm weather most likely cause or maybe I used the wrong fly. A fish would have been a bonus but I was more than happy to ponder down by the river :)

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Somewhere To Sit And A Place For Treasures

Before our holiday I started a cherry and hazel stool which I finished and waxed up today.

 I also started and finished a little heirloom box using some yew, which is perfect for this kind of project. As the grain is quite spectacular , it has a cedar base for the scent and some wooden hinges that can really finish off a simple box like this . Take a little look   :)


We went on  holiday last week down to Blackpool in England for a few days . After a few hours drive we were there catching sight of rollercoasters big wheels and the tower as we headed along the front .  I found the hotel then parked up we ditched our bags the headed out to explore.

Here are a few shots along the prom, a few of the tower , and Matthew beside the Wallace and Gromit van after we got of the ride of the same name. And finally an evening on the pier :)