Saturday, 31 August 2013

Powered Up And Planing

I've got my new shed powered up now . So now I have a few double sockets, lights and a nice fused switch to keep things safe if something went bang .

I have loads of room  now compared to my old shed so now I can make some bigger items in here now, instead of outside trying to dodge showers and bad weather . So I took advantage for a while this afternoon when I planed some timbers for a chunky garden bench that will be wedding gift when it's finished  with my old Millers Falls hand plane which was throwing out some lovely wooden ribbons take a look :)


  1. Lucky you! I STILL don't have a shop! Enjoy.

  2. that plane does nice work. see your sockets are different then ours are here. are they 110 volt. ken

  3. Thanks Ken, yes our sockets are different at home we have 240 volt. Trades use a transformer to reduce 240 to 110 volts for safety but all my power tools are 240 volts and all household appliances are 240 too hope you guys are doing fine :)