Sunday, 4 August 2013


We went on  holiday last week down to Blackpool in England for a few days . After a few hours drive we were there catching sight of rollercoasters big wheels and the tower as we headed along the front .  I found the hotel then parked up we ditched our bags the headed out to explore.

Here are a few shots along the prom, a few of the tower , and Matthew beside the Wallace and Gromit van after we got of the ride of the same name. And finally an evening on the pier :)


  1. We have our own version of Blackpool about 10 miles down the road from us. It is called Old Orchard Beach. Looks much the same except we don't have the nice boardwalk. Arcade games and cheap gaudy T-shirt vendors in every other stall. The stale "eau de friolator grease" aroma permeates the air. The frenchies from Quebec and their RVs take over the place in the summer. I avoid it at all cost. Just can't handle the sight of the 300 lb canook pensioner strolling down the sidewalk wearing nothing but a banana hammock.

  2. Yes it can be a little like that too . But it has a load of cool elements along the seafront that's what we like :)