Sunday, 5 May 2013


This weekend I started stripping down the deck. I salvaged all the boards as I have a plan for these, and also the underside of the boards are in great condition .
The framework is getting recycled a little, I added a bit to this to get the size that I needed. The frame was levelled then packed up until completely solid . Over the next month or so this project will take shape.
I have also been shaping up a little chunky shelf for a window sill, with lots of spokeshave work to tidy up a big internal curve. Here it is along with all the spokeshaves that I used :)


  1. hi brian. i've got to redo our dock as well. the boards have done ok over the years but moisture has taken its toll so new planks are needed. since its on the water it sits on a footing of 4x4s that are set in below water level. hope it wont take too much. also was having a eucalyptus tree cut back and one of the limbs fell onto our a/c unit . it must have had some weight to it and created some substantial damage. its always something. ken

  2. Hey Ken yes there's always something .Hope all is well with you guys :)