Sunday, 12 May 2013

Spring Stools

With a few days sunshine its starting to look like spring is finally here .

With some blossom out, and the undergrowth coming to life its good to get outside to take this all in.

 After the little look at the world outside, I got back into the shed and made a couple of little stools . Using hazel for legs and ash for the tops, the ash has the bark still on. I've found if the bark is left on it dries out and really adhere's to the timber as it seasons. This adds something to the rustic look of these little stools . Take a look and see :)


  1. hey brian, looks like the plants are really starting to grpw. have you been getting alot of rain? its been dry here so far. ken k.

  2. Hey Ken yes lots of rain .
    And heavy too, frost in the mornings again this is very odd for mid may. Thanks for looking in :)