Monday, 28 May 2012

New Trails

Jumped on my bike and headed off west I ended up cycling around a wood of Scots Pine with a little scatter of Birch and lots of lush ground cover. With the sounds of birdsong the place was alive with spring .I looked up through the crowns that were reaching out for the blue sky, what a sight.
Every hedge and woodland fringe is bursting with Hawthorn blossom, this get's called the may flower in my part of the world .We Scots have a saying(don't cast a cloot till may is oot) this roughly means don't make plans that require good weather until the Hawthorn flowers are out.
I passed a mare with a foal just a few days old, I stopped to look for a while. Further on some young horses took a shine to me and I to them, I have a little soft spot for horses.
Then I headed to the coast where I watched some waders feeding in the salt marshes, before moving on towards the mudflats.
I found lots of cool places and travelled a good number of miles around new trails, and now homeward bound and all uphill from sea level but hey-ho I enjoy it :)


  1. i love this, it is so nice to get out isn't it.
    Do you live that close to the coast? I love that last photo.

  2. Yeah about 4 miles as the crow flies.Thanks for looking in jozien :)