Sunday, 3 June 2012


A while back I bought an adze and after a little use the handle began to work loose from the head. So I decided to replace the old beech handle, with a more suitable ash handle, this was chopped out of a chunk of ash that Iv'e had hanging around for a few years . Then the drawknife and lots of spokeshave work, and some final sanding until it was a good fit in my hand . But not being content with this I have completely reprofiled the adze head too , the adze was ground on the underside from the factory . To get the flowing edge that I had in mind, took a bit of grinding then around 3 hours of filing until I was happy with the shape. This was followed by honing with various stones, then grades of paper from 600-1000 and finally stropped with leather and autosol ,here is the refurbished adze :)


  1. Guess you'd call it an "out-cannell" adze!

  2. I like it. Good shinny honed finish on the blade as well! Really nice picture at the end with all the shavings.

  3. Very nice. One of my favorite tools.