Sunday, 10 June 2012

Yes! More Waney Edges

With poor weather over the weekend there was no escapes off into the countryside . I got to thinking about another chair ,so with some waney edged field maple, and some square lengths of the same, I put my thoughts in to action . Deciding on 4 pieces for the back rest and 4 for the seat, these parts will taper slightly so that they fan out a little at the top of the backrest and towards the front of the seat. Then came some trials for the layout, of the legs and bracing rails, once I was happy with the look of things. I then marked and cut the tenons and chopped out my mortice's, the field maple seems pretty nice to work with here's where I'm up to :)


  1. That's going to be a lovely seat there, Brian.

    I worked somewhere once where the canteen was an old dance room and was told the floor was made from maple because it's springy and good for dancing on. On that basis I'd say maple also brings a little something extra useful to a seat.

    Good luck.

  2. Thanks Rob, maple has also been put down in the gym hall at my son's school. I agree it will take some punishment :)

  3. Love the waney edge boards, where are you sourcing these from? never worked with field maple, I've cut down plenty, makes quite nice fire wood as well!

  4. Hey Dave these boards came from a tree that blew down in a field not far from where I live a couple of years ago.I knew the guys clearing it and asked if they would save me a couple of chunks to try out. I then milled them on my narrow bandsaw then left them to bake for a while:)