Saturday, 19 May 2012

Cut Where It Counts

Lots of rain this week so my first job this weekend was pulling the weeds that lapped up all the rain and the sun when it popped out .Then I took a walk down to the river where I watched a graceful grey heron stalk the shallows beneath a bridge. When I got home I had some time to while away so I hacked away at a piece of sycamore and turned out ,yes you guessed a spoooon . The more spoon's I make, the more I learn , I use the axe a lot more now and I can get the spoon blank to a good shape with just the axe . Then I keep watching the shape as I carve the finish, as its very easy to hog off something big with these super sharp tools. The frosts 106 carver and the Ben Orford, shallow curve spoon knife, along with my newly adopted sharpening system have been working well for me . It can become kindling very quickly, so I carefully watch the shape, and my own skin! you quickly learn to keep your digits away from these tools. They slice skin very easily so if you take this up be careful, I have the scars from my first efforts :)


  1. Good looking spoon there, Brian. I'm thinking of following your example with the knives and having a go, but will maybe need some chainmail gloves too!

  2. Thanks Rob, Iv'e tried wearing thin leather working gloves but you don't get the same feel of things. Being careful is the answer ,have a go at making a spoon I'm sure you will enjoy it thanks for looking in :)

  3. Nice spoon, I like the way you incorporated the knot in the handle. As you say good sharpening technique is crucial :-)