Friday, 11 May 2012

Birch Burl And Kuskacup

On Fridays I  finish work at lunchtime and had planned to go cycling but the weather had other idea's so I ended up in the shed.

 So a burl from a birch tree was hollowed out into a bowl  then, I spent a long time removing bark to reveal the spiky underside.  I could have shaved it all smooth but it was so unusual I had to leave it as nature intended.  I hacked out a kind of cup, kuska,scoop kind of thing although I'm unsure what the timber is I think it might be Lime. It carved well but a wee bit furry in places and it left my hands a nice orange brown colour  . So this kept me busy this afternoon and on the bowl and cup kuska I tried out my Ben Orford shallow cut spoon knife that was delivered this week, this is a great addition to my wood hacking kit, take a look and see :)  


  1. I love the underside of that burl. I think you could sell that as art work!

  2. Cheers Kev , Gorges neat thanks :)