Saturday, 20 August 2011

A Tree And Two Roses

Matthew and I hung out for a while today walking in the woods, we found a huge Beech tree. Matthew thought this was a cool place for a clamber around, these big beech trees all seem to struggle with many diseases in the trunk and branches and this one had a lot of dead brittle roots .So no way it could stand up to a recent gale so it gave up its foundations and let the wind tear it from the ground .,
A wild rose at the side of the road caught my eye, vivid pink in the summer grasses. And back at home a climbing rose that I planted a few weeks ago, has flowered this weekend, so I was pleased that the rose is happy in its new garden :)


  1. Sad about the old beech. Will local woodworkers put it to use?

  2. Bits of it are gone already ,yes I think it will get used for many things.