Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Chest ,Sticks In Horses, And Oh Yes A Mink

At the weekend I worked a bit on the spalted beech chest I put it together to see how it would look with a dry run no glue yet. The wild spalted grain really stands out. I also put hazel sticks in the hobby horses and dragons I found some nice soft leather for the reins.
On another note imagine cycling along a canal and seeing a wake rippling the water, and catching a glimpse. Of a chocolate Mink that was trying to cross the Avon aqueduct, but then think back to leaving the kitchen checking the camera and oh! the battery lights flashing, better get moving in case it rains.
So I left it behind, nothing would crop up on my travels. Anyway the Mink slowed up when he realised I was no threat, he slowed down and showed off a bit diving then rising, then when he could leave the water he got out shook himself.And made a great silhouette on top of the bank, only the second mink I've ever saw.
The first one ran through the yard of a Sawmill that I ran a few years back but this one I got a good look at. Mink are not a native to the UK and are classed as vermin. They were bred in fur farms a long time ago and either escaped or were released by protesters .They can do a lot of damage and have a reputation as ferocious killers but I was pleased to get a good look at him. But I still wished I had the patience to change the batteries as there was only 8' between us . Third time lucky maybe! I think I'll wait a long time to see another one of these secretive characters :)

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  1. Maybe not if you learn their habits and travel patterns. Read up on them.