Saturday, 13 August 2011

Hobby What

I was asked to make some wooden toys recently so after some thought .Hobby horses and dragons would be traditional but with a twist.
They still need a lot of smoothing and sanding but you get the idea .A hazel shank will provide the stick part, this will look better than a brush handle. Hopefully I can find some thin leather strap somewhere to make nice reins for them all .Here are the dragons and horses so far (made with two good eyes again) :)


  1. nice toys with a bit of charecter. i'm sure the children will love them. my daughter has a horse that is similar. it also has reins attached for a bit of extra detail. ken

  2. Thanks Ken ,are the school holidays over now ? Matthew started back yesterday .How are things with you guys ?

  3. was out of town for a vacation.there was a big lumber mill up there . could'nt find anyone for permission to take some photos. thought you would enjoy seeing it . returned to start another school year on aug 15. they start earlier then typical for different areas. when i was in school we did'nt begin again till the first week in september.ken