Friday, 5 August 2011

Harvest, Berries,Boards And A Sore Eye

The harvest is under way around my part of the world . Golden straw lies in thick carpets up and down the fields.
Berries and fruits are now hanging from the trees here are this years plump rowan berries bright orange at present they will soon turn red as summer gives way to autumn. And some cherries on the (Gean)a cherry tree which is often planted along the edges of plantations of spruce pine and larch. Small birds will soon prize these fruits.
I have prepared some boards for a small chest that I wanted to build out of some spalted beech, that has been kicking around in the shed for a while .Here's the start of this chest . And the end of the shed for a wee bit, as while driving with the window down returning from a day out, a speck of dust blew in through the window and. straight into my eye . No amount of rubbing would get the little aggravator out or eyewash. So a wait at A&E was in order, where they froze the movement of my eye and removed the speck checked my eye through a machine and told me, that with all my rubbing I had badly scratched the surface of my eye .So some time out away from the dust in the shed will help along with the eyedrops ;)


  1. Theres nothing worse than telling you not to rub your eye! Hope it gets better soon mate.
    I love working with beech and they ook like good quality boards.

  2. Thanks, the boards are nice I hope to do them justice!

  3. Hi Brian!
    Is your eye better?
    These berries, do you eat them too, or are they also palatable for people. I have never heard of Rowan berry. is it our Mountain-ash, a Sorbus?

  4. Yes Rowan is mountain ash here in Scotland .My eye is much better thanks :)