Sunday, 29 May 2011

Spectacular Spalting

First off like many bloggers,at the moment my comments are messed up too. So to ken who asked if I lived near the river in a previous post .The river is only 1/4 of a mile from us. Gales blew hard this week putting out power lines and damaging homes ,buildings and many trees .
When the weather improved I walked through the spruce and pine absorbing what what was around me .Watching the stream running back to clear, after heavy rains muddied the waters. Lush ferns added their fresh green foliage into the the mix of spring. At home in the shed I finished a stool with a very unusual spalted beech seat, the variations in the grain are quite spectacular,3 ash legs split from a small log then tidied up with a draw knife then spokeshaves ,wedged tenons fasten the legs to the seat and hold up this stool up . After sanding then more sanding until as smooth as a pebble it was finished with my favourite wax. I also have a idea for a chair that's a bit more obscure than usual more about this in the future:)

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  1. Very nice. The contrasting wedges add to the look.