Saturday, 21 May 2011


I wandered down to the river trail this evening to find that some of the spring growth is the same height as me , 6' in places that's tall for may. But plenty rain after three weeks of sunshine must have given them all a boost.
Blossom on the Horse Chestnut stand out in the show of spring , where all the trees and flowers show off their secrets they only let us see them for a short time so its good to get out and see them. Hidden in the under growth are the bluebells a favorite of mine the scent of all this new growth is very pleasant while walking in the rain and watching the raindrops make rings in the river.
While walking around places like this I see shapes and get ideas from nature that I can use in the furniture I make :)


  1. After seeing so much white this past winter, it's nice to see GREEN again!

  2. Thats true Gorges we had a long cold winter here too :)

  3. hi brian, that sure is lush vegetation. can almost feel the air and smell from the pics. any problem plants like poison ivy over there. did'nt realize you lived by a river. that is a whole different and interesting environment. ken