Monday, 9 May 2011

Seldom Seen

I meandered down a path the other day while out cycling into a nice little bit of woodland. I pass this wood whilst driving along the motorway and "always thought I should take a look" anyway I did and along with good trails and a nice stream some fine looking trees. I found a hedge that had recently been laid, this is when the stems are cut nearly through leaving just enough holding to keep them growing. Straight stout stems are used as stakes to hold down the newly cut hedging.Stakes are also and driven into any gaps , and then springy saplings and sucker growth are twisted through the stakes and the pushed over hedging. This is something I have always wanted to try, hedge laying is very old rural craft which is seldom seen nowadays .Hard work with thorns in abundance, My Grandfather lost an eye to a whipping thorn while laying a hedge in Southern Ireland.Maybe one day I will pass at the right time and catch the Master Hedger at work :)


  1. My grandfather was a champion hedge layer but its something I've never tried - hard and sometimes painful work!

  2. It's not done over here to my knowledge. More's the pity.