Thursday, 2 June 2011

The Roof And The Owl Box

Gutters on, new roof sheets fastened down with tec screws ,flashing's and ridge caps top it off. I also attached an owl box under a overhang,I hope we get an owl but it might be too noisy for them. Our swallows don't mind the machine noise so we may be lucky ,but any bird setting up home there would be of interest. I have really enjoyed this job replacing the sawmill roof but now its done. So roofer will turn back into sawyer and get back to normal:)


  1. We'll just have to keep our fingers crossed!

  2. hi Brian, had to reroof our house last autumn. the sun and heat take a toll on the roof here in florida.we have shingle and it was beginning to leak in some spots.kept it going as long as possible but eventually you have no choice but to replace it and hope the new one will have a long life. a steel roof like you have would have been ideal some people have them. and they last for many years. ken k.