Sunday, 19 June 2011

Pulling Weeds And Peeling Ash

Sunday today Fathers day, Matthew gave me the new true grit DVD I love the original. So I look forward to watching this, popped in to see my Dad in the morning.
Then I pulled all my lovely lush green weeds that have been thriving lately with all our summer rain. After the weeds, I worked on the ash parts of my chair shaping the rails and braces with a drawknife then spokeshaves being careful to follow the grain as the fibres in the ash can tear easily if you get carried away.
After a dry run I got all the parts glued up. Now I will leave it for a couple of days to let the glue dry fully before sanding and waxing. I have tried out a few new ideas with this chair and I think they worked out alright:)


  1. Nice design. I like the crossing braces and tall back.

  2. Thanks Gorges ,thankyou Jon.