Sunday, 31 March 2013

Homemade Flatpack

I put together the desk-counter this weekend as it stayed dry. In previous posts I have made the sides and counter top, so armed with my homemade flatpack parts the project came together. Here's how it went .
 I fixed the legs to the top and cut a board for the back to keep the legs from splaying out. A drawer was needed so I set about this task and knocked up a big drawer, for pens, papers and pencils along with anything else that should live in a drawer!!
 Then I had to mark out a shape on the counter top to be trimmed off, once its off I can't put it back. So when it looked good I committed myself- there's no going back now! I trimmed the ends off, these cut ends got a little scrape with a spoke shave and a good sanding .
There is room above the desk for a shelf so I got this finished too ,this will wrap around the corner like the counter top.
  I even managed a few coats of wax on the counter top, the wax really brings the wood to life . Nearly done now, in a few days the desk and shelf will be in their new home :)

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