Saturday, 23 March 2013

Colour On A Grey Day

We have a little touch of winter here again, so I hit the trail and headed out for a while. The fields I walked past have all been ploughed, and with the snow lying in the furrows it gave me some nice pictures. Birds are struggling trying to find a bit of grub, I watched a few of these. Further on I found some little spruce seedlings in a small wood . Some oak, ash and beech, no big spruce in here so maybe a squirrel or bird has planted these by accident, hiding these seeds and forgetting them. Lots of things caught my eye,, including this old stump like a plant pot for a scrubby bush. Gorse with its little yellow flowers gives some warm colour to a cold grey day, and finally some snowdrops carpeted a little gorge and this finished off my walk :)

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