Sunday, 1 July 2012

A Window In The Weather

With terrible weather lately Iv'e been confined to barracks, so I made use of the foul weather and completed my maple chair. After the glue and plugs were set and many hours of sanding , then came the finishing . I used darker wax at first to give this blonde wood some charachter then a natural wax to finish it off, I also made a little stool . Using  field maple for the seat, this has some cool live edges just what I like, and some nice birch legs hold this little stool up .
 And the little birch burl bowl ( try saying that fast ! ) mentioned a few posts back. Was sanded and oiled up . And when the weather gave me a little window I took them outside for a few photo's  :)


  1. The chair has turned out really well - I think it has a seaside look about it. Lovely table and bowl too. You've been busy!

  2. Thanks Rob , the chair does have a kind of driftwood look about it .Thanks for looking in :)