Sunday, 22 July 2012

Spoon Hunting

Deep in the tree's and scrub these are hidden from normal sight, thorns or brambles may gaurd them but they are there . All we need to do is carefully look and we can find fallen branches or a tree that was brought down by storms.

 And there we have our  raw material for a spoon, bowl or whatever idea you want to try out, so get out and give it a go  :)


  1. Thats why I have a brother who's a tree surgeon! Looked like a nice day for hunting for wood though :-)

  2. i think thats what makes someone an artist, being able to see the potential in something that goes un-noticed by others, and then bringing the idea to life. keep up the good work . things here are ramping up for the school year and the fall when we get alot of seasonal and tourist visitors. personally i've had a ongoing tough time of it with the illness of my mother. otherwise we try to do our best. ken k.

  3. Hey Ken ,Matthew starts high school after the holidays here too! Sorry about your Mother ,I hope things get better for you guys take care :)