Sunday, 29 July 2012

Getting A Handle On Things

A package arrived the other day it was my twca cam that I had ordered. It comes staight from the forge no handle, so when I got time I scurried out to the shed with my new treasure to get the handle sorted out.

I used a nice clean piece of well seasoned hazel,after I pared off some rough bits and a sand with fine paper a hole was drilled into the hazel a little neater than the tang of the blade. I cut a little v notch so that the the tang would tighten up without breaking the handle. Then a couple of wedges with two part adhesive were tapped in tight and then trimmed off neatly to hold the twca cam firmly in the handle. This was well worth the money, and the time to cobble up a handle. So here's my new Nic Westerman twca cam with my own preferred handle. I can't wait to get scooping out some cups and bowls with this  :)


  1. Looks good, The long handle is great for giving you that extra control. A nice way to buy and personlise a tool.

  2. Just got a Twca Cam blade from Nic and I need to fit a handle. There seems to be a few ways to do this, but I like your idea of wedges, however, I am not sure where you have cut your V notch. Can you help.


  3. Hey David I cut the v so that the taper of the tang would'nt split the handle . I tried the tang in then enlarged the v until I had a good fit. I hope this helps :)

  4. Hi,
    Really like the blog I just found it, have been thinking of getting the nic westermann twca cam and wondered how you were getting on with it?

    Celine McCutcheon

  5. Hi Celine the twca cam is working great for me .I finished a nice kuska just recently and without the twca cam it would taken ages the twca cam eats through the wood and gives a great finish. I would recommend this tool . Hope this helps :)